Monal is developed by volunteers and community collaboration. The work which has been done is usually not paid, and the developers ask for donations to keep up service costs and development in the future! Please consider giving a little back for the hard work which has been conducted. Currently, there are three ways for financial support of the Monal development:

Here you can read about further support of the development!

Find general information in the Monal Wiki.


We host and manage translations via Weblate. Feel free to translate Monal to your language!

Reporting a Vulnerability

It is highly appreciated reporting a vulnerability to the Monal developers. We ask you for disclosure until it has been fixed. This prevents abuse and exploitation in the current published releases. Please report issues directly to info[at]monal[minus]im[dot]org.

Please try to report

  • in detail what you are concerned about
  • if applicable, how to reproduce
  • your contact details, if the sending email is not enough. That way we can ask questions back to you.

You are also invited to make a recommendation on how to fix a potential security vulnerability.

Once a vulnerability has been announced and indicated we try our very best to provide a fix as soon as possible, at its best within days. However, dependent on the potential issue it can take longer if many code sections need to be changed.

Please be reminded that this is a non-commercial software project.

Thank you for considering reporting a security vulnerability. This improves the quality of the app significantly.