Monal Website
You can find our latest privacy policy for our website here: Website Privacy Policy

Monal App
Our privacy policy may differ between app versions. Before reading our privacy policy for our App you first need to find out the Monal version that you are using.

How to find out your Monal version

  1. Open Monal
  2. Open up the settings menu in the upper left corner (gearwheel)
  3. Scroll down to the last entry “version”

Monal App Privacy Policies

ReleasesPrivacy Policy
6.0 and newerPrivacy Policy Rev 003
5.2.0 up to 5.4.xPrivacy Policy Rev 002
before 5.2.0Privacy Policy Rev 001

Website Privacy

A user’s IP address will be logged in the HTTP server logs. All server logs are purged every two weeks and there isn’t any way for us to associate this information with any particular individual. Our websites do not use or need any cookies. And of course it doesn’t use any third party/external (JS-CSS-Font) dependencies.