After several month of hard work we just released Monal 6.0. This version comes with new artwork by Ann-Sophie Zwahlen, support for Audio-Calls funded by the EU’s NGI Assure via the NLnet Foundation and many other improvements and bugfixes. The full list of changes can be seen below:

NEW: Audio-call support (This feature will not be available to users in China and macOS users!)

Other changes:

  • New Logo and new placeholder images by Ann-Sophie Zwahlen
  • New “Add Contact” and “Contact Requests” UI
  • Complete rewrite of OMEMO code
  • Speed up app start
  • Add support for SASL2 (XEP-0388)
  • Implement XEP-0424: Message Retraction
  • Add support for creating invitations (button only displayed if your server supports it, see
  • Add timestamp when quoting older messages
  • Always show a “Notes to self“ chat
  • Overhaul implementation of last interaction display
  • Show scroll-down button in groupchats
  • OMEMO keys are copyable now (double tap)
  • Add OSS based crash reporting (KSCrash), reports can be voluntarily sent via mail
  • Fix logfile handling
  • Add XEP-0215 (external services) to server details ui
  • Only show contacts in contacts panel if they are in our roster
  • Implement invitations using qr codes in addition of xmpp: uris
  • Implement new image viewer compatible with iOS 17
  • Implement gif support in image viewer


  • Many bugfixes
  • Fix bookmarks2 handling
  • Fix XEP-0333 in private groups
  • Fix url preview for sites not having oc: tags
  • Set notifications to “mention only” when joining public channels
  • Show per-resource last interaction timestamp in resource list
  • Fix file uploading and sharing
  • Fix timer when recording audio messages
  • Fix muc avatar fetching