We recently started to migrate the App from Anu Pokharel‘s Apple account to Thilo Molitor‘s Apple account.

As part of this transition we also deployed some new push servers to not let an old retired developer pay for the infrastructure needed for Monal.

Coming along with this transition from the old developer team to the new one is our new clean website at https://monal-im.org/. From now on, the old blog at https://monal.im/ will not be used for Monal anymore.

Many thanks to all users, contributors and followers so far.

Special thanks goes to Anu. Without him and his passion, Monal would not have been possible. He developed and maintained Monal for more than 10 years, always ensuring compatibility with the latest iOS releases.

When I (Thilo) gradually took over development, I was able to build upon an app with a decent codebase rather than writing my own app from scratch. That made it possible to improve Monal further while already being used by thousands of people. I can not stress enough how thankful I was and still am for all the work Anu put into the development of Monal. Thank you, Anu, for your wonderful work towards a modern XMPP client for iOS and macOS!

Thilo, Friedrich, Anu