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Monal currently covers the following chat features:

  • Decentralised and federated chat standard XMPP
  • Private and group messaging
  • Privacy-respecting push notifications
  • Encrypted private and group chats (state-of-the-art encryption (OMEMO)
  • Message history
  • Free selection of your XMPP account provider
  • Voice messaging
  • Message archiving
  • Upload of files, videos and images (HTTP Upload)
  • Audio and Video calls
  • Many settings and a design to offer privacy settings in the app to the need of the user
  • A detailed and technical listing of your supported features (so called XMPP Extensions) can be found in our DOAP file.

Planned features

  • User-interface overhaul

Implemented XEPs

Implemented only for MUC profilescomplete5.0
Used mainly for Peppartial4.9
Used to mark XEP-0363 filetransfers onlypartial4.9
Only typing notifications, use XEP-0319 to publish interactionspartial4.7
XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars (implemented only for MUC profiles)partial5.0
XEP-0223: Persistent Storage of Private Data via PubSubcomplete4.9
XEP-0249: Direct MUC Invitationscomplete5.0
No automatic approval if server does not support subscription pre-approval; No checking of tokens, if server does not do so (XEP-0401)partial4.9
Used for MUC avatarscomplete6.0
Check this XEP to see what's missingpartial
Only to automatically turn on archiving if possible (setting: always)complete4.8
No support for embedded thumbnailspartial5.0

Planned XEPs

XEP-0386: Bind 2.0planned