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Vogelsbergstr. 18
68642 Bürstadt

eMail: info[at]monal[minus]im[dot]org


Monal originates in 2002 as fork of the SworIM app. Until 2019 it has been developed by Anu Pokharel. Since then Thilo Molitor took over the development and joined in 2020 with Friedrich Altheide. From initial rewrite of code in the backend the entire app has been upgraded with a modern XMPP engine, new features and future-proof setup. Monal challenges to be the go-to XMPP chat-app for the iOS and macOS platform.

Monal Team

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Friedrich Altheide


Talks and other documents

  • Molitor, Thilo. Monal development recap 2019 - 2021 and open discussion Berlin XMPP Meetup, 13th October 2021, Weblink
  • Molitor, Thilo; Altheide, Friedrich. Modern XMPP - A story based on Monal Berlin XMPP Meetup, 13th April 2022, Weblink, Slides
  • Molitor, Thilo. XMPP Push notifications on iOS

XEP publications

  • XEP-0353: Jingle Message Initiation
    Authors: Philipp Hancke, Peter Saint-Andre, Thilo Molitor

    This specification provides a way for the initiator of a Jingle session to propose sending an invitation in an XMPP message stanza, thus taking advantage of message delivery semantics instead of sending IQ stanzas to all of the responder’s online resources or choosing a particular online resource.

  • XEP-0474: SASL SCRAM Downgrade Protection
    Authors: Thilo Molitor

    This specification provides a way to secure the SASL and SASL2 handshakes against method and channel-binding downgrades.

  • XEP-0388: Extensible SASL Profile
    Authors: Dave Cridland, Thilo Molitor, Matthew Wild

    This document describes a replacement for the SASL profile documented in RFC 6120 which allows for greater extensibility.

  • XEP-0480: SASL Upgrade Tasks
    Authors: Thilo Molitor

    This specification provides a way to upgrade to newer SASL mechanisms using SASL2 tasks.