Monal is an XMPP instant messaging client for macOS and iOS which strives to be the go-to client for these platforms just like the app Conversations IM is for Android. XMPP in general is an open and standardized protocol for real time communication. Anyone can host their own server and communicate freely with each other, just like with email and just like email the used addresses are of the form “user@domain.tld”. The user can use different apps and services, such as Monal, from a single but also multiple accounts. This serves a decentral and sovereign infrastructure and digital communication on the internet but also offers many potential for innovation. The chat client for iOS and macOS involves implementing various XEP standards (XMPP extension protocols, adding modern functionality to the XMPP-core and XMPP-im RFCs, see XMPP Extensions).

Designed for iOS and Mac

Things look and work the way you expect. iOS, iPadOS or macOS, there is a version of Monal for you.

Monal is developed under an open-source BSD license that serves the user, while not selling or tracking information for external parties (nor for anyone else). This app exists because it is key to ensure usability on all platforms and within the XMPP network with all its positives aspects when it comes to decentral communication and infrastructure.

Find the development on GitHub!